Medication-Assisted Treatments

We provide an Intensive Outpatient Therapy Program for men battling addictions in Asheville, North Carolina, and even though we are not a MAT supplier or provider, and not a detox facility, we do support the use of medication-assisted treatments with their therapy programs. Our Outpatient Programs place men battling addictions with individual and group therapy […]

Suboxone vs. Vivitrol vs. Sublocade: Difference Between, Uses, Administration, & More

Choosing between Suboxone, Vivitrol, and Sublocade medication may be an important piece of a client’s opiate addiction recovery. Physical cravings and withdrawals are a major burden on the journey to sobriety.  Medications help to control and stabilize a client’s biology back to a healthy state. Both medications are used to eliminate addiction on a chemical […]