Intensive Outpatient Program

The battle against addiction never truly ends.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program provides a proven path to long term addiction recovery.  At Next Step Recovery, we offer both a stand alone IOP program and an integrated sober living/IOP model.

Our IOP is open to residents of our sober living program and the greater Asheville community.

For those who no longer need a residential program, intensive outpatient programs are a great way to continue addiction therapy.  In this way, you can continue addiction treatment on a part-time basis.  Still, the “intensive” schedule helps facilitate truly sustainable sobriety.

Our IOP program is designed to enhance self awareness and increase personal power.  Our clinical staff uses decades of experience and boatloads of compassion to help you take the Next Step.

Intensive Outpatient Program Features

Open to the Asheville Community

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Saturday

10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

12 Step Recovery Framework

Relapse Prevention Education

Mindfulness & Self Regulation Tools

Stress Management Techniques

Trauma Resiliency Training

Distress Tolerance Training

DBT Skills Group

What They Say About Us

"Next Step Recovery is a safe place with people I not only consider a great staff, but also have come to love as family. They treated me with love, compassion, and respect. They helped me see things I couldn't; helped me grow as a person and changed my perspective on many topics. The people at Next Step will forever hold a special place in my heart."

B.D., Beloved Patient

“This is the longest I have ever been clean and Next Step is the reason for that. It has provided me with a safe place to begin my recovery”

T.A., Beloved Patient

"IOP was the perfect activity to both keep my week busy while also being able to fully focus on my recovery. The top notch staff members and therapists made this 12 week program one I will take with me wherever I go" L.M.

L.M., Beloved Patient

"IOP was a great experience. It helped me get to know the people in the program as well as exposing me to the 12 steps of recovery. Thank you Susan and Next Step Recovery for setting this up."

N.K., Beloved Patient

"IOP was a great transitional piece for me. It gave me the responsibility of being up and ready but was only 3 days a week. It also helped me learn to plan my days."

E.S.C., Beloved Patient

"Next Step IOP is a good interactive environment where guys can learn how to cope without substances and talk about their problems without being judged. It is a safe place and fun but also informative for recovery. The staff is friendly and welcoming and always willing to listen."

M.C., Beloved Patient

"You may have to leave family, friends and your old life behind as you start recovery. Next Step provides not only a home for you to start over, it gives you a spiritual cleansing. From the staff to my housemates, Next Step has brought a new meaning to recovery. If you let them work with you, you'll find more than a recovery house, you'll find yourself again."

M.R.K., Beloved Patient

My son completed 3 months of sober living at Next Steps Recovery, surrounded by kind, caring and compassionate staff, with all the skill sets required of true professionals to guide and assist him in living a productive, healthy , sober and happy life. He flourished and started to smile and enjoy life again during those three months. He now lives across the country and is starting to build a career for himself and is enjoying the normal things in life that had been missing for so many years. As a family we have been blessed to have been connected with Next Steps Recovery. Thank you.

K.W., Family Member


How Our IOP Program Works

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) provides the perfect transition to transitional living for those who have just left inpatient treatment, have complicated addiction histories with multiple relapses, or are new to recovery.

Our 12-week program is designed to give extra clinical and 12-step support during the early weeks of recovery when the risk of relapse is highest. Next Step Recovery’s IOP uses a three-pronged approach that includes intensive group therapy, individual counseling, and 12-step immersion education to support long-term recovery. Participants also explore wilderness and equine therapies to encourage healing, personal empowerment and community building.

While offering many of the same benefits, our program goes beyond traditional IOPs by being housed within our transitional living program. Upon completion of our 12-week intensive program, residents continue to receive recovery support through our transitional living program including case management, 12-step support, relapse prevention education, mindfulness meditation, and adventure therapy.

Program Eligibility

As part of admission to our program, all clients are provided with an individualized comprehensive clinical assessment to identify the level and type of support that will best support their long-term recovery goals. If it is determined that extra support would be beneficial, clients may be encouraged to participate in our IOP and/or work with other medical providers such as a psychiatrist.

To ensure the quality and safety of our programming, Next Step Recovery’s IOP is only available to residents of our transitional living program who have met program eligibility criteria including those related to medications, alcohol/drug screening and background checks.

Payment and Insurance

Our IOP may be covered by most major health insurance plans. We also accept cash, check, and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). We do not accept Medicaid or Medicare at this time. Transitional living program fees are not covered by IOP fees and are assessed separately.

Ready for the Next Step?

Recovery is the Real Adventure.  Embrace the journey with other young men on the same path.  Lean on Next Step as your support network as you work toward sustainable sobriety.  You don’t have to make the climb back to a life of meaning by yourself, but you do have to start.  Take the next step toward your future today.