Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Near Me

Almost 15 million Americans will struggle with alcohol use disorder this year, but even more than this will remain undiagnosed. Alcohol abuse is the most common form of substance addiction in the United States. Thanks to social drinking and high functionality among many alcoholics, many will struggle with alcohol addiction without substance abuse treatment services.

At Next Step Recovery, we take a unique approach to alcohol treatment. With the help of our outpatient alcohol rehab programs, you can begin your recovery journey from the comfort of your own home. Read on to learn how Next Step Recovery can help you overcome your alcohol addiction today!

Are you Struggling with Alcohol Addiction?

We like to believe the symptoms of substance abuse are obvious. A person will struggle to participate in their daily life, and they might even exhibit physical symptoms when they struggle with withdrawal. However, alcohol addiction often hides in plain sight. Someone with alcohol use disorder can often function positively in society without anyone knowing they have a problem.

The hard reality is that alcohol abuse is a mental illness. Medical detox and regular counseling sessions are required for full alcohol addiction treatment. Without the help of addiction specialists, a person who chooses to face their alcoholism alone will experience painful withdrawal symptoms – and in extreme cases, even death.

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Outpatient Treatment Programs for a Sustainable Recovery

Outpatient treatment differs from inpatient services in the level of care and flexibility experienced. Those in inpatient programs are expected to sleep at the facility, while those at the outpatient level of care return to their homes each night to sleep, and come to the facility several times per week for treatment and support.  If you are further along in your addiction recovery process or you have a less severe case of alcohol addiction, an outpatient treatment program could be right for you.

All alcohol abuse treatment options will include a combination of clinical services and mental health counseling. Our outpatient rehab program will focus more on life skills events that will help you transition to a healthier life outside of substance abuse treatment. Our intensive outpatient program will require you to attend therapy for a few hours 3 to 5 days a week. This will last for 30 days, and then you can transition into aftercare programs if needed.

Mental Health Services in Addiction Treatment

Individual and group counseling is used as part of outpatient rehab programs to help address the underlying causes of your addiction while working toward long-term sobriety.

At Next Step Recovery, we provide a wide range of therapeutic modalities to help you get to the root of the issue. Dialectical behavioral therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy allow you to work privately with a therapist to reframe the negative thoughts and self-destructive dialogue that has led to substance abuse. Family therapy, exercise therapy, and adventure therapy are other holistic modalities of healing offered within our alcohol treatment program to inspire confidence, promote teamwork, and uncover possibilities that lie outside of addiction.

All of our programs are gender-specific and catered to men for customized care that works.

Welcome to Long-Term Sobriety

As one of the best treatment centers in North Carolina, Next Step Recovery is committed to offering you a private and convenient solution for men on their recovery journey. When you receive treatment from us, you are taking the first steps toward a new sober life.

Want to learn more about how outpatient alcohol treatment could be right for you? Talk to a treatment specialist to verify your insurance coverage or get started on your recovery journey with us today!

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