Relapse Prevention & Aftercare Support

Make no mistake, recovery is perhaps one of the most significant emotional and financial investments an individual or family will ever have to make. Estimates on the average cost of 30-day residential addiction treatment programs range from $20,000 to $30,000 with some facilities offering fewer services at lower prices and well-known treatment centers costing as much as $60,000.

Without long-term structured support, relapse is likely and costly with some estimates putting the real cost of recovery between $100,000 and $250,000.

Okay. Pause. Take a breath. We know…

We know the cost of addiction and recovery is too high. We know long-term early recovery support has to be more affordable and effective to help the estimated 1 in 3 families (85 million people) who are impacted by addiction.

Take the Next Step Toward Sustainable Recovery

Next Step Recovery’s highly structured intensive outpatient program is not only sustainable investments, they are an incredible value for long-term recovery support.

For approximately half of the cost of an average 30-day inpatient program, our patients can receive a full year of structured recovery support in a safe environment with access to addictions specialists, life skills training, employment assistance, 12-step support, adventure therapy, and a strong community of peers in recovery.

Next Step Recovery is one the best and most affordable ways to protect your investment in treatment while investing in a sustainable long-term recovery (the best investment of all).

The Cost of Addiction & Relapse Cycles

When considering the cost of recovery options, it’s important to remember the cost of untreated addiction. It’s much higher than you may think.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the annual cost of drug and alcohol addiction in the United States is $417 billion which includes the cost of crime, lost work productivity, and health care.

Then there’s the irreplaceable cost of lives lost to addiction. Nearly 132,000 Americans die annually from alcohol-related causes and drug overdoses. That’s an average of 360 lives per day making addiction one of our nation’s leading preventable causes of death (far surpassing traffic accidents, gun violence, and falls combined).

If Not Now, When?

In early recovery, timing and support are everything.

If you are considering the next step after in-patient treatment, we encourage you to contact our recovery specialists to discuss how Next Step can support your long-term recovery goals and your investment.

Ready to Take the Next Step to a Life of Sustainable Addiction Recovery?