Addiction Therapies for Men

Our facility offers access to a variety of addiction therapies for men. One of the programs offered is the 12 Steps Therapy for Drugs & Alcohol Addiction Treatment. We incorporate the 12 Steps for Sustainable Sobriety and it has helped more people recovering from addiction than perhaps any other framework today. It is used around […]

The 12 Step Recovery Program

We, Next Step Recovery, are an Outpatient Therapy Program for young men located in Asheville, NC, that offers the 12 Step Recovery Program for those battling addiction. Our program is a proven path to lasting sobriety. Interested readers can find out more about the program at The 12 Step Program is a clinically proven method […]

Medication-Assisted Treatments

We provide an Intensive Outpatient Therapy Program for young men battling addictions in Asheville, North Carolina, and even though we are not a MAT supplie or provider, and not a detox facilitiy, we do support the use of medication-assisted treatments with their therapy programs. Interested readers can find out more about the medication-assisted treatment programs […]

DBT Life Skills

We offer a powerful tool to assist addiction recovery: DBT Life Skills. Our program is designed to complement our facility’s existing offerings and give men recovering from addiction the foundation they need to provide for themselves and build a better life. This progress is vital to successfully dealing with addiction over the course of a […]

Human Rights for Recovery

We, Next Step Recovery, offer Intensive Outpatient and Extended Care Recovery Programs for Men in Asheville, North Carolina, and advocate for human rights for recovery. We aim to give men the tools to make long-term sustainable changes in their lives to combat addiction. Our program seeks to build trust with those suffering from addiction in […]

Spring Into Sobriety

Spring Into Sobriety We are announcing our, “Spring Into Sobriety,” initiative and urge those in the area to make the decision to heavily focus on sobriety this Spring. Our addiction treatment center provides services that are specifically designed to help men to overcome their addictions. Spring is the time for new beginnings and we want […]

Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment: Everything You Need to Know

Meth Addiction & Methamphetamine Treatment Programs - What Meth Addiction Is & How to Beat It with Therapy

Meth addiction can be managed once you choose to invite trained help into your life. Quitting meth use tends to be much harder when done alone.  To achieve lasting progress, you’ll need help in treating the source of your substance use habits. In this article, we’ll discuss what you might expect when battling meth addiction. […]